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Greetings, friends!

We know.  Your calendar for next Tuesday, March 24 had an item on it:  The Rotary Club of Peabody’s 16th Annual Taste of the North Shore.  You bought your ticket for a 1-in-300 chance to win $10,000 and to eat the best food the North Shore has to offer.  Or you thought about it.  You went to the ATM for a stack of $20 bills for grab bag items and beer, wine, and lottery raffle tickets.

Then the pandemic hit, and we had to cross the Taste off the calendar.  We’re heartbroken.

However, you can still win.

If you already have a $100 raffle ticket, you still have a chance to win the $10,000 grand prize, which will be broadcast live on Facebook Live at 8:00 PM on March 24.  Plus, we’re giving 48 other $100 ticket holders a chance to win.  Those items you love at the event will be packaged together as 48 unique, distinct, and valuable Second Chance prizes.  Other than the grand prize winner, every $100 ticket gives you a chance at a Second Chance prizes, which will be drawn after the grand prize.  Your chances to win just went from 1-in-300 to 1-in-6.

Purchase Tickets

If you were thinking about buying a ticket and procrastinated, you can do so up until 6pm on March 24th by visiting our ticket page.  We still have a limited quantity of tickets available. If you already bought a ticket and want more chances to win, you can still buy more tickets!

Second Chance Prizes Listing

If you want to see a listing of the Second Chance prizes to see what you can win with a $100 ticket, please check out our Second Chance Prize PDF.

Meet us on Facebook Live at 8:00 on March 24.  Experience the Taste of the North Shore without leaving your living room.  Open up a growler and heat up some meatballs.  We’ll bring the raffle prizes.